2021 Norfolk City Democratic Committee Reorganization

What is Happening

  • The Norfolk City Democratic Committee (NCDC) will be reorganizing in December 2021 and January 2022.
  • Each local City and County Democratic Committee must reorganize every 2 years.  This means that the 2020/2021 terms of all members end.  Members must submit a new application to be a member for the 2022/223 term.  The Call to Caucus with the details of the reorganization is HERE.
  • Only members who are Elected as Democrats from the City of Norfolk and ex officio members do not need to be re-elected, but must file a new application.
  • Norfolk starts its process with the filing of Precinct Captains.  Those wishing to be a Precinct Captain must file by Wednesday, December 1, 2019 at 5:00 P.M.
  • The filing form for Precinct Captains is HERE.   Do not fill out this form unless you want to be a Precinct Captain.  NOTE: You can type in the form and then print it or you can just print it.
  • Officers will remain in place until new officers are elected on Saturday, January 8.  If you want to be an Officer, you must file by 5 PM, December 29.  The filing form is HERE.  
  • Only precinct captains, ex officio, and the current officers are eligible to vote at the January 8 meeting.  This is the sole agenda item and no nominations are allowed from the floor unless no one filed for a position/positions by the December 29, 2021 deadline.  The rules of the caucus are available HERE.

REMEMBER > Only file now if you wish to be a Precinct Captain or Officer. Once the Committee has reorganized forms will be available for Assistant Precinct Captain, At-Large, and Associate members.