2023 VA Senate & House Primary
Candidate Filing

All Democratic candidates for the 2023 State Senate and House of Delegates elections will be nominated by Primary. The Primary will be held on Tuesday, June 20.

All information needed to file for the primary is located at the Virginia Department of Elections website > How to Run for the Virginia General Assembly. Note which information is needed at the time of filing.

Candidates may file beginning at Noon on Monday, March 20. Order on the ballot will be determined by order of filing. If two or more candidates (or their representatives) are in line before Noon, the ballot order will be determined by a drawing conducted by the State Board of Elections. Both candidates will be listed as filing at 12:00 PM. If a candidate does not file a complete filing package with party representation (Declaration of Candidacy, Primary Filing Fee Receipt, and petition signatures), their filing will not be accepted. If it is later determined that the candidate does not have the required number of petition signatures, their filing package and petitions will be returned, and their order on the ballot will then be determined by the date the petition signatures meet the Virginia Department of Elections requirements. This may be determined by the Democratic Party Chair Charles Stanton after March 20. In any event, all requirements of the Virginia Department of Elections must be met by the April 6, 5 PM deadline or the State Board of Elections may not certify your candidacy for the primary.

Where to File on March 20 >The Chair of the Norfolk City Democratic Committee Charles Stanton has designated the following individuals to receive filings on March 20 only. Each person will be available from 12-1 PM and by appointment any time before 5 PM.

Senate District 21 > Barbara Klear, 7320 Glenroie Ave, Norfolk, VA 23505 (KlearB@gmail.com)

House District 92 > Michael Khandelwal, 635 W Princess Anne Rd, Norfolk, VA. (Mike.Jon@cox.net)

House District 93 > Kim Brown, 2630 Myrtle Ave, Norfolk, VA. (DirtCheap61@yahoo.com)

House District 94 > Barbara Klear, 7320 Glenroie Ave, Norfolk, VA 23505 (KlearB@gmail.com)

Where to File on March 21-April 6 > Senate District 21 and House Districts 92, 93, 94.

By appointment with Charlie Stanton, 1016 Harrington Ave, Norfolk, VA 23517 (CharlesFStanton@gmail.com)


NOTE – Where to file for Senate District 22 and House District 95

Candidates for Senate District 22 and House District 95 will file with the Virginia Beach City Democratic Committee.

Senate District 22 > Melissa Peck. (Melissa.Peck@gmail.com / 360-471-6695)

House District 95 > Conner Eppley. (ConnorEppley@gmail.com / 757-615-2993)