2024 Presidential Nominating Process > How to Be a Delegate to the Democratic District, State, and National Conventions


What do you need to do to get elected a Delegate/Alternate to the 3rd District, Virginia State, and National Conventions?  Start by reading the Norfolk Call to Caucus.  Click HERE to read the Call to Caucus.

Step 1 > Get elected as a Delegate/Alternate to the District and State Conventions

The Norfolk caucus scheduled for Saturday, April 20 has been CANCELED. All those who filed will be delegates to the 3rd District and State Conventions.  Mark your calendar for both events.  Dates and info below.

Step 2 > Attend the 3rd District Democratic Convention

  1.  When? >Saturday, May 18 at noon.
  2.  Where? > Granby High School Auditorium, 7101 Granby St, Norfolk, 23505.
  3.  6 3rd District National Convention Biden Delegates will be elected at the 3rd District Convention.
  4.  The 3rd District Elector will be elected. 

Step 3 > Attend the State Democratic Convention

  1.  When? > Saturday, June 22 at 10 AM
  2.  Where > The Greater Richmond Convention Center, Grand
    Ballroom, 403 North Third Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.
  3.   21 At-Large National Delegates will be elected at the State Democratic Convention. 13 At-Large PLEO (Party Leaders and Elected Officials) will be elected at the State Democratic Convention.
  4.  11 State Electors will be elected.
  5.  Lots of great speeches!

Step 4 > Be a National Delegate and attend the National Convention

  1.  When? > Monday, August 19, 2024, through Thursday, August 22, 2024. 
  2.  Where? > Chicago
  3.  How to Get There? > Get elected as a National Delegate/Alternate at the 3rd District Convention or the Virginia Democratic State Convention.  There is a separate filing form.  Click HERE.
  4.  HERE are some FAQs.

ALERT:  If you are a delegate to the National Convention in Chicago you pay your own way.  You pay your transportation, your hotel room (well over $300 a night), meals, etc.  The convention starts on a Monday and adjourns on a Thursday night with the nomination of our candidate.  4 nights in a hotel.  You can stay elsewhere, but all of the Virginia delegation is housed in the same hotel, and there are delegation activities such as a complimentary breakfast each morning to discuss the evening’s agenda. Very often a national Democrat will stop by.   The convention is not open to the “public.”  If you bring your spouse/partner/significant other, they can apply (lottery or other method determined by the DPVA) for a credential to that night’s convention proceedings.  (You do not sit together.) These credentials are usually distributed at the delegation breakfast. Your plus 1 can attend the breakfast.

Find out more on the DPVA’s 2024 Delegate Selection web page.